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Dorset Marmalade

Dorset Marmalade Ice Cream is made with home-made Dorset Marmalade from fellow Dorset producer Tracey Collins from ‘Ajar Of’, containing chunky orange shreds brilliantly blended together with fresh Purbeck milk, thick Dorset double cream producing an outstandingly tangy taste demanded by Paddington from Peru to Purbeck.
Available as a 500ml Limited Edition from October.

Great Taste award winner 2016**

Great Taste Award Winner

Cracking Choc

Choc over 4
Cracking Choc is the Purbeck version of the popular Stracciatella Ice Cream. Literally translating into “rags” or “shards,” stracciatella is made by enveloping shards of chocolate within pure ice cream; the texture of the chocolate with the richness of the ice cream is seriously tempting and supremely indulgent!
Available as a 500ml limited edition from July.

Great Taste award winner 2016*

Great Taste Award Winner

New Salted Maple

Our new delicious Salted Maple Ice Cream combines a nod to our Canadian cousins, utilising Pure Maple’s gorgeously robust 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup with a modern twist of Cornish Sea Salt to create a sublimely balanced flavour that equals our best-selling Salted Caramel for taste and gratification.

Chrimbo Pud

Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion
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Using Paul da Costa Greaves’ award winning recipe, we’ve taken the reindeer by the antlers and mixed, measured and swirled it to perfection! (contains egg and alcohol).
Available as our Winter 500ml Limited Edition

Great Taste Award Winner

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