New Flavours

New Salted Maple

Our new delicious Salted Maple Ice Cream combines a nod to our Canadian cousins, utilising Pure Maple’s gorgeously robust 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup with a modern twist of Cornish Sea Salt to create a sublimely balanced flavour that equals our best-selling Salted Caramel for taste and gratification.

New Chai Latté

Chai Latte is the choice of drink in every coffee shop and metropolitan establishment. Here at Purbeck we have created the perfect Chai Latte Ice Cream, that combines the warm spicy delights of the Chai Latte with the cool, refreshing smoothness of ice cream to create an uplifting mix of flavours and texture.

New Dorset Truffle

Following the Purbeck Ice Cream ethos of sourcing ingredients as locally to Purbeck as possible, the Dorset Truffle Ice Cream is this year’s flavour of pure luxury and indulgence, boldly combining the intense, earthy fragrance and aroma with the smooth velvety texture of the ice cream. Available only in November, December and January following the Truffle Season and with price on request, you can be sure that the Dorset Truffle Ice Cream will exude decadence and quality.

New Pineapple Sorbet

Finally, Purbeck Ice Cream brings you the taste of sunshine with the Pineapple Sorbet, tangy, tarty and tasteful, the sweet yet sour sorbet will pamper the palate and create a vibrant tropical flavour on the tongue. As well as dairy free, this fresh Pineapple Sorbet offering has an affluence of health benefits due to its wealth of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

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