Spice Rack

Sweet Fennel

Fennel sans poisson 3 small

Aromatic and delicious, sweet fennel creates a wonderful flavour, is a natural aid to digestion and is perfect served with white fish!

Great Taste award winner 2015*

Great Taste Award Winner

We have limited stock of this flavour in our 4 litre food service and 2.5 litre napoli…when it’s gone it’s gone!

Stem Ginger

Stem Ginger Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion


A sublime combination of sweet sticky stem ginger drenched in beautifully rich and creamy ice cream ~ a natural tonic. Available as our Spring Limited Edition.

Great Taste award winner 2012

Great Taste Award Winner

Green Tea

green tea best IMG_2396Naturally rich in antioxidants, this sublime flavour works exceptionally well as a fruit accompaniment


Chilli Red Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion


The founding member of the Spice Rack collection. Red hot chilli combined with double cream and milk create an amazing sensation ~ cool and hot, perfect served with seafood.

Great Taste award winner 2010

Great Taste Award Winner

We have limited stock of this flavour in our 125ml tubs…when it’s gone it’s gone!

New Chai Latté

Chai Latte is the choice of drink in every coffee shop and metropolitan establishment. Here at Purbeck we have created the perfect Chai Latte Ice Cream, that combines the warm spicy delights of the Chai Latte with the cool, refreshing smoothness of ice cream to create an uplifting mix of flavours and texture.


Exceptionally versatile for use in all courses, to serve alone or within a recipe creation to individualise your presentation. A taste experience of intense pleasure with aromatic spices from across the world blended with finest Purbeck Ice Cream. This is a new dimension in savoury ice cream.

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