Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean – 125ml, 500ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
An award winning, stunningly good natural classic made with only the very best Vanilla Bean pods and seeds.

Salted Caramel – 125ml, 500ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
A sublime mix of lightly salted caramel ice cream with Dorset Sea Salt from along the Jurassic Coast with added nuggets of salted butterscotch ~ a taste of pure indulgence.

Serious Chocolate – 125ml, 500ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
New and exclusive Serious Chocolate is now being made using only the very best, Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate making it even more rich, nourishing and seriously satisfying.

Honeycombe Hash – 125ml, 500ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
An absolute favourite and slightly addictive ice cream, awash with crunchy and squidgy honeycombe piece.

Mint Choc Baby Chip – 125ml, 500ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Dark Belgian chocolate chunks spread lavishly throughout refreshingly creamy white mint ice cream.

Strawberry – 125ml, 2Ltr, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
A naturally good combination made to perfection, super creamy and bursting with strawberries!

Clotted Cream – 125ml, 500ml, 2.5Ltr, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Ice Cream ‘au naturel’ with no added flavour, just decadent Dorset clotted cream and fresh Purbeck milk ~ pure perfection!

Berries & Clotted Cream – 500ml Ltd Ed & 5Ltr
Beautifully rich with oodles of delicious mixed berries swirled through lashings of Dorset clotted cream ice cream.

Rum & Raisin- 125ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
An esteemed and boozy favourite made with rich ice cream, plump juicy raisins and drenched in dark Navy rum.

Stem Ginger – 125ml, 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr
Stem ginger enveloped with fresh double cream and milk ~ a ginger twist of excitement

Raspberry Ripple – 500ml, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Reminisce with an old favourite, luxurious ice cream rippled with beautiful raspberries.

Banoffee Ripple – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Decadent banana ice cream extravagantly rippled with natural dulce-de -leche.

Serious White Chocolate – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Ground white chocolate ice cream bombarded with extra indulgent white chocolate chunks

Cappuccino – 500ml, 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr
Stimulate your taste buds with this delightful frothy coffee indulgence, light and dreamy with a creamy coffee hit.

Chocolate Orange – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Real ground chocolate infused with natural orange ~ the ultimate smooth sensation.

Very Cherry – 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr
A rich and fruity delight with sliced cherries, yet still a creamy sensation.

Posh Toffee – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Luxurious caramelised cows’ milk blended with Dorset’s finest ice cream ~ richly rewarding in both texture and flavour.

Coconut Cream – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Enjoy the totally tropical taste of coconut and cream and slip into a Caribbean dream.

Rhubarb and Rosehip Ripple – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
A classical British flavour with a delicate twist, high in Vitamin C and fibre, this is concocted from English rhubarb with a gentle uplifting rosehip infusion.

Dorset Marmalade – 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr
Dorset Marmalade Ice Cream is made with home-made Dorset Marmalade from fellow Dorset producer Tracey Collins from ‘Ajar Of’, containing chunky orange shreds brilliantly blended together with fresh Purbeck milk, thick Dorset double cream producing an outstandingly tangy taste demanded by Paddington from Peru to Purbeck.

Champagne and Strawberry – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Midsummer memories of long sunny days with strawberries and cream laced with Champagne.

Dorset Gingerbread – 500ml Ltd Ed, 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Run, run as fast as you can, and become a gingerbread ice cream fan. The gingerbread is made locally by Ma Bolton with natural and gluten free ingredients and swirled in.

Chrimbo Pud – 500ml Ltd ed, 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr, 4Ltr
Using Paul da Costa Greaves’ award winning recipe, we’ve taken the reindeer by the antlers and mixed, measured and swirled it to perfection!

Cinnamon – 4Ltr
Beautifully fragrant and evocative.

Sweet Fennel – 4Ltr
Aromatic and delicious, sweet fennel creates a wonderful flavour, is a natural aid to digestion and is perfect served with white fish!

Dark Chocolate Ripple – 4Ltr & 5Ltr
Luxurious ice cream rippled with a rich dark chocolate, swirled lovingly.

Lime & Coconut – 500ml Ltd Ed, 2Ltr & 4Ltr
We put the lime in the coconut, and mix them both together to make it all better.

Dig-A-Saurus – 125ml
Dig in through the vanilla bean ice cream to find a milk chocolate dinosaur, roaring fun and delicious.

Skull-Diggery – 125ml & 5Ltr
Honeycombe ice cream with milk chocolate dinosaur footprints.

Purbeck Rocks – 5Ltr
We put the lime in the coconut, and mix them both together to make it all better.


Vegan Vanilla – 500ml, 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr
The original vanilla, fully vegan.
Vegan Rhubarb and Rosehip – 500ml, 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr
Beautifully tasty.
Vegan Chocolate and Raspberry – 125ml, 2Ltr, 2.5Ltr & 4Ltr (125ml not available until June)


Raspberry Sorbet – 125ml,  2Ltr & 2.5Ltr
Fresh and fruity cool, a mouth watering essential.

Mango Sorbet – 500ml(wsl),  2Ltr & 2.5Ltr
A tropical heaven of luscious Alphonso mangoes, sweetly satisfying.

Lemon Sorbet – 500ml(new),  2Ltr & 2.5Ltr
Refreshingly light made with tangy Sicilian lemons, a tonic for the taste buds.

Passion Fruit Sorbet – 125ml & 2Ltr
Indulge your passions and tempt your palate with this delightful flurry of flavour.

Blackcurrant Sorbet – 2Ltr
Local spring water with lovingly squished tart blackcurrants giving flavour that is super smooth and fresh and fruity.

Blood Orange Sorbet – 125ml(wsl),  2Ltr & 2.5Ltr
Fresh spring water steeped with natural blood orange ~ full of flavour and temptingly tasty.

Strawberry Sorbet – 2Ltr & 2.5Ltr
A light & refreshing fruity flavour, perfect treat on a hot summer’s day or ideal after a game of tennis.

Pineapple Sorbet – 2Ltr
The taste of sunshine, tangy, tarty and tasteful, the sweet yet sour Pineapple Sorbet will pamper the palate and create a vibrant tropical flavour on the tongue.

Stem Ginger Sorbet – 2Ltr
Sweet and sticky Stem Ginger lavishly spread throughout this dairy-free sorbet ~ sublimely delicious!

Coconut Sorbet – 2Ltr & 2.5Ltr
A truly tropical treat made with coconut milk, smooth and full of flavour ~ a perfect treat on a hot summer’s day.

Lime Sorbet – 2Ltr
A citrus crush of lovely limes for thirst quenching quality.

Quince Sorbet – 2Ltr
Mouth watering, cool with a subtle quince kick.

Bucks Fizz Sorbet – 2Ltr
Citrus oranges lovingly laced with champagne – let’s celebrate!