30 Years Dreaming…

T’was a long time ago, whilst milking our cows
Right here on the farm, we got shot from the bows.
With the onset of quotas, life was tough
So, we pondered and worried and thought we’d go bust.
We had too much milk, that our cows kindly gave ~
That meant over half of it would not be paid.
With the bills and the mortgage, how would we survive?
And how would we manage, did we have the drive?

So, what could we do, to stay on the farm?
Something else, something different, and causing no harm.
We came up with a plan, for the milk and the cream
To make the best ever, real dairy ice cream.
With a will to succeed, desperation and grit
We embarked on a mission, unwilling to quit ~
To bring up our boys, on the farm, without rules,
Or constraints of red tape, regulated by fools.

With help and encouragement, from family and friends,
We tried, often failed, but made good in the end.
Kathryn and Bryony, Angie and 2 Johns,
And a load of our children, who luckily ‘got on’.
We all helped with the making, the mixing and chilling,
The endless tub lidding, delivering, and filling.
Our first tubs were sampled, by folk close to home
In a tub or a bowl and sometimes a cone.

More help was sought with accountants and bankers,
Some were exceptional, the rest mainly ***.
Advisors were offered with great grants attached
So, we grasped new ideas, and a plan duly hatched.
We sold all the cows, such a sad thing to do ~
And the quota as well, and some land sold off too.
Smart equipment was bought, to make much more ice cream
To help us move closer, towards our own dream

We found farmers and locals, to build up a team ~
Sandy swapped milk recording, for pasteurising Queen.
Big John delivered, then Griff and then Simon,
And in summer some more, a lot of them fireman!
We needed more sales, and Patrick stepped up.
He was noisy and hairy and our customers loved
His memorable manner, his passion and wit ~
And we made him director after a bit

Now the business is booming, the team big and strong ~
On the whole, we’re an odd bunch but mainly get on.
Our events team are great, run by tall Simon Fox ~
They cannot be here as they’re off selling lots.
With Roz, Ben and Martin, here 10 years and more ~
Shaun, Mark, and Sarah who’ve done half the score.
With awards left and right, our ice cream is tip top
Packed, picked, sold, and delivered, by our fab, crazy lot!

So, 30 years on with this great team in place,
We couldn’t have done it without all your grace ~
And your help and good wishes, advice and goodwill,
As we’ve climbed up this mountainous, very steep hill.
We have fun whenever, and wherever we can ~
And give often to charity, its part of our plan
Thank you to all who have helped out with zeal
You may not know, but you’ve made our dream real.

Well no more from me, as we’re all here to party ~
To eat the hog roast, drink Joe’s cider, be hearty.
For the past 30 years we’ve had lots of fun ~
But on to the future, the past has been done.
So, let’s raise a glass, to the future ahead ~
And face it head on, without fear, worry or dread.
Onwards and upwards, Peter often screams ~
Let us cheer one and all, for PURBECK ICE CREAM!