How are you helping the environment?

By recognising that everything we do has an impact and then by doing this in an honest, sustainable way. To read more about how we use solar energy and our care for the environment please click here

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, British and fully recyclable in every size ~ re-use in some way before recycling! Click here for more information

What charities are you supporting in 2021?

Purbeck Youth and Community Foundation, DiverseAbilities and Forest Holme Hospice. Oh, and our local hospitals enjoy Purbeck Ice Cream at cost!1

What are the allergens?

Milk, cream, skimmed milk powder, chocolate. For a comprehensive list of all the allergens, click here

Why Purbeck Ice Cream?

Because it is simply the best

Do you have a van for weddings?

No, but we know a man/woman who does. Click here for more information

Do you make Vegan?

Why is mint choc baby chip not green?

Because we choose not to add unnecessary artificial or natural colours