The Team

The Team

Our wonderful team all together with a beautiful view of Corfe Castle in the distance.

Peter and Hazel Hartle
The Management

Pete loves Mint Choc Baby Chip direct from the tap and Hazel loves Clotted Cream for the pleasure, Cappuccino in the afternoon and Salted Caramel just because it is so nice.

30+ years

Patrick Ward
Sales Director

Loves to eat Mint Choc Baby Chip anytime

25 years

Tim Hartle
Operations Director

Loves Raspberry Ripple!

5 years

Sarah Crabb
Logistics Coordinator

Loves Salted Caramel

10 years

Donna White
Sales & Marketing PA

Loves Banoffee Ripple

Brenda Rogers
Accounts Manager

Loves to eat Cappuccino

Simon Fox
Events Director

Loves Salted Caramel when he’s hungry

5 years

Simon Austin
Route Manager

Loves Strawberry at a cricket match in Antigua or watching England win rugby in Australia

15 years

Ben Hartle
Business Director

Loves Chocolate Orange

15+ years

Ed Sealey
Sales Manager

Loves Mint Choc Baby Chip

Pat Lewis
Distribution Team Leader

Loves Serious White Chocolate

5+ years

Rob Thomas
Delivery Driver

Loves Lemon Sorbet

5 years

Roz Lewis
Production Team Leader

Loves Honeycombe Hash alone in the evening

15+ years

Sandy Stockley
Pasteurising Queen

Loves Champagne and Strawberry – such a good combination! Best eaten at home in the evening.

20 years

Chelsea Haskins
Pasteurising & Production Assistant

Loves to eat Mint Choc Baby Chip

Shaun Hayward
Buildings and Maintenance Manager

Loves Clotted Cream

5+ years

Elise Hewitt
Production Assistant

Loves Rhubarb and Rosehip when no one is looking

Hetty Axon
Production Assistant

Loves Berries and Clotted Cream

Becky Travers
Production Assistant

Loves Berries and Clotted Cream

Simon Baddeley
Web Development and Design

Pleasantly surprised by Coconut Cream

15+ years



Mungojerrie & Rumpleteaser

3 years

Cider dogs, Rusty, Muddy & Skye