At Purbeck Ice Cream, our business is dedicated to customer service and the production, presentation, and delivery of premium quality ice creams and sorbets, but we are also active in our care for the environment and the community in which we live.

Reduce, re-use, recycle

Neutral, yet excited – a contradiction in words to be Excitedly Carbon Neutral, but it’s true! AND excited we are, as we have just won the Love Local Trust Local’s Conservation & Environment Sustainability Award.

We have been recycling onsite and environmentally conscious at the farm for years anyway, but we’ve been recently working with Climate to confirm we are Carbon Neutral and have the certificate to say so.

We have measured our farm’s operational carbon footprint to be carbon neutral, and compensated for these emissions through investing in a renewable energy project. Most importantly, we are actively reducing our carbon footprint, to decrease the amount we need to offset annually, and will continue to do so.

Our first reduction initiatives across both the farm operations and our products include:

  • Air source heat pumps in the office.
  • 600 solar panels.
  • Efficient first stage cooling, and novel second stage cooling.
  • Fit for purpose, recyclable and sustainable packaging.
  • Focused effort to re-use carboard and plastic waste, recycling where re-use isn’t possible.
  • Reducing the need for food-ware at events (any bowl’s the goal), using recyclable food-ware.
  • Sending dairy waste to an anaerobic plant to be turned into useful resources like fertiliser.
  • Scan the Climate Partner site for more information
  • Also, check out our YouTube Chapter on Sustainability and the fun version of Any Bowl’s the Goal.


We are not connected to the mains water supply and have always had to be efficient and careful with any cooling water used. First stage cooling utilises a re-generation plate pack which heats the incoming milk from the out-going hot mix, secondary cooling is maintained by the use of the pool water and final cooling is by ice bank tank. The pool water loses heat overnight by natural evaporation with the added benefit of using no additional energy source.[


We have two solar panel systems installed that have an incredible impact on the environment. You can see the environmental benefits by clicking here