At Purbeck Ice Cream, our business is dedicated to customer service and the production, presentation, and delivery of premium quality ice creams and sorbets, but we are also active in our care for the environment and the community in which we live.

Reduce, re-use, recycle

Packaging has an important role to play by protecting the quality and deliciousness of our products and allowing them to be stored, transported and used safely. However, packaging also presents some challenges and generates waste when not recycled. To address this challenge Purbeck Ice Cream aims to source its packaging materials from sustainable resources and create a second life for all plastics. It has to be fit for purpose, transportable, robust enough to sustain freezing temperatures (min -18), protect food and ensure food safety. All our tubs, lids and spoons are fully recyclable, and it is our policy to encourage consumers to dispose or re-use these in a responsible and correct manner. We continue looking for alternative sustainable solutions from the packaging industry of which there are many available, but there are currently no others which suit our needs better than what we have, and not suitable for long term storage in freezing conditions. If a product becomes available that we can use, we will endeavour to look into this. As we have a variety of different sizes of tubs, there are many ways to upcycle, from seed pots to picnic boxes. We have been recycling onsite at the farm for years anyway (education starts at home), and thanks to the Blue Planet programme bringing this to the forefront of awareness, we will continue to recycle and promote ‘protecting the planet starts with you’.

Cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes are sought by friends and family for storage, moving items, playhouses, fancy dress and sometimes as a base for the occasional work of art!

Plastic buckets abound and used as animal feed containers, storage, wine making, fishing tackle, paint mixing, dyeing clothes, homemade drum kits and the lids make superb Frisbees!

All other recycling that is not re-used is collected by our local recycle depot.

Deliveries are streamlined to take into account efficient use of fuel whilst reducing our need to re- visit or re-use roads. Our customers are helping us to reduce mileage by taking as much stock as they can thus reducing the need for additional visits.


We have two solar panel systems installed that have an incredible impact on the environment. You can see the environmental benefits by clicking here

Carbon Footprint

With the help of Global Action plan, our Carbon Footprint was measured back in 2008. With the report we identified ways we could improve our processes and have since updated all compressors to smaller, more energy efficient scroll compressors. We are also in the process of changing all lighting to passive LED’s helping towards the 2030 carbon reduction targets.


We are not connected to the mains water supply and have always had to be efficient and careful with any cooling water used. First stage cooling utilises a re-generation plate pack which heats the incoming milk from the out-going hot mix, secondary cooling is maintained by the use of the pool water and final cooling is by ice bank tank. The pool water loses heat overnight by natural evaporation with the added benefit of using no additional energy source.