Fastest liquid on Earth

They say milk is the fastest liquid on Earth… it’s pasteurised before you can see it 😉. Ok, it’s an old joke, but still makes us laugh.

We sometimes get calls to check our ice cream is pasteurised.  Well, the short answer is YES, and it is done right here on the farm!  To bring you the best ice cream we can possibly produce our recipe includes 60% milk and 22% cream (which we believe it to be the highest dairy content used in ice cream in the UK).

We are normally asked this question by mothers-to-be, which you can’t blame them at all, as imagine having a mad craving for ice cream and then getting the doubts whether you can have it or not. It definitely pays to be prepared.

Pasteurisation of the raw milk is done primarily to eliminate harmful bacteria, thereby making it safer for consumption. Additionally, it helps to maintain the nutritional quality of milk by minimising the loss of vitamins and minerals during processing.  Overall, pasteurisation plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of milk, so fear not, and enjoy our delicious Purbeck Ice Cream.

PS – and yes, we are nut free, gluten free and egg free too, along with no added colours of any description or any artificial additives.