Oldest machine

Why are we keeping the PHF machine? Pete claims it is older than him, but that’s not the only reason…

When first started way back in 1988, Pete and Hazel got a Gelmatic 40 and had that for a year before selling and investing in a 2nd hand PHF (Pressurised Horizontal Freezer) which was considerably more sophisticated.  And to this day we still have and use it, although it is now preferred for trials and small batches as it makes a maximum of 28 litres (minimum 2 litres).

I love asking Pete for information on different aspects of making ice cream as his wealth of knowledge is fascinating and bamboozling, and asking about the PHF was no different – the conversation grew from the mechanics of the scrape surface freezer with 2 speeds and helicoil blades and went off on a few tangents on the way as well including the molecular structure of the ice cream, blending the flavours, and the use of the blast freezer.

I think it is safe to say the PHF has been well cared for, utilised for many different reasons, and although not the main machine on the farm, it is still used, the latest being for making the smaller batch of Black Garlic and Cayenne Pepper Ice Cream which will be featured at the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival in August.

Author – Donna the Enlightened!