Kindness is like sugar, it makes life a little sweeter.

We proudly state we use British Sugar in our Ice Cream and Sorbets, but thinking about it, what does this mean to you? Did you know it is actually grown in the UK? A quick survey amongst friends and family makes us want to share the sugar story as many do not realise it is.

* Sugar beet is grown by around 3,000 farmers, mainly across East Anglia and the East Midlands, and is transported an average of just 28 miles to one of British Sugar’s four factories, where they produce up to 1.4 million tonnes of homegrown sugar each year.
* The British beet sugar industry supports around 9,500 UK jobs.
* UK beet production occupies over 100,000 hectares of UK farmland.
* Their efficient processes mean they produce virtually zero waste, as they turn the outputs from the sugar production process into a range of co-products, including animal feed and renewable energy.

There is a great site affiliated with British Sugar which gives more information on how sugar is made (click here).