Dorset County Show

We always have fun at the Dorset County Show, and treat the show as our jewel in the (concession) crown, as it’s our most local of the larger shows.  It is also a bookend of sorts and the last gathering of the team before the end of the season.  Our first year was 2014 at the show, and was Simon’s first year too (our Events Director).

And yes, nine years later we still looked forward to this and love being part of the show.

It started with three scooping vans and three gazebos. The gazebos were staffed by core team members, and a real family affair – Sandy (pasteurising) + husband Charlie, Sarah (office) + husband George, former driver Drew + former production member Caroline, former driver Martin + wife Helen, and Pete’s (da boss) friends Phil + Roger.  The vans were manned by former team leaders Nicky, Lisa and Lucy, and we were supported by Patrick, former sales rep Kev, Alice, Tim, Skippy, Merlin and Sam.

We’ve moved on from the gazebos now and this year we had 7 events vans (and have for the last few years) – Sparkle, Pixie, Coney, Priscilla, Icey, Duke of Swirl, Duchess.

And what better way to celebrate the end of the event when we have everyone together with a pint and cheesy chips, almost every year at the Royal Oak in Bere Regis.