Horace Hedgehog rescue

We have had considerable success with our awareness of wildlife obstacles.  Our frog ramp has proved very successful in the pool (which was a regular occurrence fishing them out), and the hedgehog ramp in the cattle grid (no hedgehogs have been found in there so must be successful).

So what happens when a hedgehog decides to go swimming in the pool?!  Horis the Hedgehog obviously didn’t want to use the frog ramp, but luckily we had Pete the Protector on hand for the rescue mission to fish him out.  And then we had Poppy the Positive to guard him while he dried off and then Horis was happy to carry on his merry way.

The pools on the farm are not just for swimming, but are very functional too.  Cooling is maintained by the swimming pools, losing heat overnight with the added benefit of using no additional energy.

The End.