Just the sorbet to lift your spirits!

Drum roll please for the new sorbet for 2023, and it has a kick.

Enjoyed by the Conker team (after taste testing approval of course), we are excited to bring the local gin in a sorbet with a British tonic.  Check them out for what other spirits they also offer – but we do highly recommend the Navy Strength Gin that we use.  This brings us the Conker Gin & Tonic Sorbet.

The Distillery have a more in depth and interesting description of their Gin (better than we can explain) – A hearty Navy Strength Overproof Gin distilled and enjoyed in honour of centuries of courageous men and women who have risked and lost their lives at sea. Bold piney Juniper is met with a chewy zesty sweetness, creating a fantastic gin for a big and delicious G&T, or unite with ginger beer for a zappy Gin Mule.

This sorbet really does lift your spirits!

This will be available in 2 litre tubs which is either for catering, bars or a perfect size to also fit in your freezer at home.  We can’t wait to hear your serving suggestions for this sorbet, although having it neat will be awesome too!