New Forest Show

Our events team have returned from the New Forest Show with great support from not only our team, but from some extra help including Caravanilla (Hampshire & West Sussex) and Elite Candy Cart (East Midlands) who have been invaluable for the last 2 years at this event, and also new to us this year was Vintage Scoops.

I asked Mark at Caravanilla for a little insight about them, and about the show:

Last year we were asked to help out covering the show for Purbeck and as midweek which is generally our quieter time we thought why not let’s give it a go! We don’t tend to do events on this scale as logistically our set up isn’t quite right for them. We tend to concentrate on smaller (day) events and of course our speciality of weddings which we cover the Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Despite some challenges though we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so when we got asked again this year we thought why not let’s give it another go! :-)

This year was a little bit different weather wise but apart from Wednesday afternoon the much predicted rain didn’t really appear and even then it didn’t deter anyone and people enjoyed an ice cream regardless. The show is very well organised except for the exit routine at 7pm on the Thursday! LOL.  Our favourite part this year was definitely the parachute team who added another dimension to this ‘farming’ show. Oh and we thought the army display area was pretty cool also.

We’ve been using Purbeck since we took over Caravanilla in 2018, as just like Tina Turner once sang ‘It’s simply the best’ I’m not going to lie it’s not the cheapest and we did look around but we couldn’t find anything else that compared and at the end of the day you get (quality) what you pay for. We would rather people go away saying what great ice cream they’ve just tasted, than just saying yeah it was ok. I’d like to think, now that as we’re into our 6th season we also have a good working relationship and we supply a brand that compliments the Purbeck name.

We are Caravanilla a husband (Mark) and wife (Kate) team with two identical vintage Cheltenham Fawn caravans called Olive and LouLou. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram and any of these plus our email is best to get hold of us for enquiries.

If you would like to book them for an event, have a look on our website Weddings and Event Hire.