Nuts about Milk

Due to the origins of Purbeck Ice Cream we may be a little biased when writing about this – but we have found a very interesting article from the British Heart Foundation about dairy milk and alternative milks.  Please do follow the link as it is very informative, but below are a few pointers we picked from the article.

What you really need to know about milk

Almond, soya and other milks are more popular than ever, but why are so many people switching away from cow’s milk? Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor explains the pros and cons.

When it came to milk, the choices used to be skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole. Now there’s a bewildering range, both dairy and non-dairy. While non-dairy milks are often promoted as a healthier alternative to traditional milk, this isn’t necessarily true. Some lack the calcium we get from dairy products, while sugar is often added to standard versions and almost always to flavoured versions.

And the quiz is very thought provoking and testing your milk knowledge, like how many almonds do you think are in a glass of almond milk?  Is your dairy knowledge udderly brilliant? Take their milk quiz to find out!

A special thanks to the British Heart Foundation for the great article.