Vanilla Bean is Queen of flavours

There’s nothing plain about our Vanilla Bean

It is sometimes referred to as the ‘plain’ Ice Cream, but there is nothing plain about our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – and it is still the most popular flavour.

We like to support local as much as we can, and although Vanilla Bean is not grown in this country, Simon (a team member) knew Lulu’s family in Dorset.

1998 landed Lulu on the unruly 1,000 acre Ndali farm in Western Uganda when her uncle died unexpectedly. Coming from making furniture near Chipping Norton, she inherited a mixed African farm of bananas, coffee, cattle, alcohol distillation, and 29 families in ramshackle houses that shouldn’t have been there. Outrageously beautiful, but was making a roaring loss. But the Ndali Estate now specialise in exquisite quality Fairtrade vanilla extract, organic vanilla powder and vanilla pods which it grows on Ndali and also buys from other Fairtrade farmers. Ndali vanilla is cured, milled and extracted on the farm and exported.

Our award winning Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a stunningly good natural classic made with these very best vanilla bean pods and seeds.

 Along with the dedication to their team and exquisite product, what is also very special is the commitment they show to their community and Lulu sent us a website link for the school they started on the farm – “This is what 15 years of vanilla curing on Ndali has set in motion together with a wonderful team of Ugandan volunteers and companies with far reaching vision.” Please do have a look