What makes us unique

We feel there is so much that makes Purbeck Ice Cream unique, but here are a few…

  • 60% Purbeck whole milk, 22% Dorset cream – now that is a very high content!
  • Our ice cream is more dense than the average ice cream, but hey, maybe this is not something we should be shouting about, as you don’t need as much to feel satisfied.
  • The average scoop from a 4 litre tub (catering/family size) of a generous portion is 35-40 scoops.
  • Nut free, gluten free, egg free, no artificial additives.
  • No added colours, including natural. Why? Even some natural colours come from odd flavours – to get green you add chlorophylls from cheap green leafy vegetables like nettles; for red you use cochineal (crushed beetles).
  • Carbon neutral (for more info, please refer to our sustainability blog).
  • Sorbets are made with local spring water.

Our ice cream is produced on the original farm, actually production is now situated where the milking parlour was.  The milk we use is from Knaveswell Farm which we can see just down the valley.  The fields around us are now home to Joe’s sheep (Romney, Shropshire, Easycare) and cider trees for Purbeck Cider.  Pete and Hazel are definitely still farmers at heart with the hardworking ethics and very proud of what we produce and supporting local community – there’s no way Pete is giving up his tractor! PS – don’t tell them I’ve written this bit, they don’t like blowing their own trumpet (although I have).

Please do let us know what else you think makes us unique, we really would love to hear.