Why do we gift on Valentine’s Day?

While Valentine’s Day does hold a special place for loved ones, it also has many different aspects of love.  You can show your fondness and gratitude for different people in different ways – your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbours, the person you pass in the aisle at the farm shop who looks sad, and anyone else who comes to your mind. It can be a day to lift others out of the cold drab of February and warm them with your kindness and attention.  It’s a day to say to them, “My life is sweeter because you’re in it”.

However you choose to celebrate, the key thing to remember is that it’s about love. You can’t go wrong with love – and maybe a bit of chocolate on the side.

On a side note regarding gifts for your lover, many may say it is just commercialised for the card companies etc – but hey, are you brave enough to not give to your loved one?

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