Know your Dorset Dinosaur

We support the Jurassic Coast Trust with our Jurassic Range – but what are the dinosaurs found on this coast…

The footprint picture was probably made by the hind legs of a megalosaur, a type of large, meat-eating dinosaur. It walked on two powerful legs, with three-toed feet – as you can see from the footprint. The megalosaur was equipped with big, sharp, serrated teeth, which it used to rip apart its prey, including the huge plant-eating sauropod dinosaurs. For more info, click here.

Our 125ml Dig-a-Saurus Ice Cream tub is a delicious chocolatey representation of what fossils have been found on the Dorset coast – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a milk chocolate Megalosaur or Brachiosaurus Dinosaur and a smattering of Trilobites. Have you tried it?

Illustrations – Megalosaur by Seres Vivos, and Brachiosaurus is by Peter Montgomery 
There are dinosaur footprints at Dorset Museum, which could be either a Megalosaur or Iguanodon.

Check out the Jurassic Coast Trust website for a wealth of information on more dinosaurs, and what is happening along the coast.