To pea or not to pea…

Research into producing a dairy free, non sorbet product that still met the ethos and values of the Purbeck brand was not easy. With nut ‘milk’ being used by many of our peers, to be able to stand by our values and maintain our gluten, egg and nut free allergen compliance, pea protein answered our needs and has become the staple within our vegan range recipe. Naturally vegan and hypoallergenic, this high quality protein source is rich in iron whilst, like our dairy ice cream, leaves those enjoying a scoop satiated.

Any flavour pairings that are put with the base recipe also comply with our company values of never containing anything artificial, no gluten, natural flavouring and of course no added colours or nuts of any description.

With the Chocolate & Raspberry available in 125ml tubs, our vegan range is the perfect answer to have in the freezer for those visitors with dietary needs but still deserve a tasty treat.